Monday, May 16, 2011

School's {Almost Out for Summer}

The big kids have 3.5 days left of school before summer vacation.

(insert deep, relaxing, relief-filled sigh)

Although, I have to admit, I'm a bit panicked by that thought. Honestly, I cannot wait for them to be home all day. And not just because for almost three months, I won't have to get up at ungodly hours and search frantically for uniform-conforming belts and shoes and fix sloshy bowls of Special K whilst urging one to eat a bit faster honey, we're running behind again and make sure that home-school connections are signed and homework is in the proper folder and teeth are combed and hair is brushed.

{Yes, I know a great deal of that should could be done the night before, but that just would take all the fun out of it, right?}

Besides getting to skip all the stuff that comes along with sending my two oldest off to elementary school every morning, I will just be glad to have them home. I miss them when they're away at school all day. There's the tiniest hint of sadness when they come home with a great story about whatever cool thing happened to them at school today and I lament that I missed it. They're growing up and doing their own thing at school, 7 hours a day, 5 days a week and I miss it all. So much molding and shaping and learning and exploring and experiencing goes on at school and I'm not there to be a part of it. It's a bit sad if you think about it.

{Not sad enough, however, to make me decide to homeschool. I have a BS in Early Childhood Ed. and a state teaching license, so it wouldn't be an issue if we chose to go that route. I just want to be their Mama. I don't want to have to split myself into a teacher-role if there's the slightest chance it would interfere with my Mama-role. Plus, I trust their school, their teachers are my former colleagues, it's small enough that they're known by name, the kids are overall pretty decent and it has the highest level of Christian undertone it possibly can without getting in trouble.}

Who knew there was a I'm a Christian and chose to send my kids to public school mini-rant in there?

Anyway, it will be nice to not have to adhere to such a strict schedule of bedtimes and rising times and bath times and such. And have the flexibility to go into town without worrying about getting home in time for pick-up. And a host of other fun and (hopefully) stress-free things that come along with summer vacation.

One of which, however, is not my grocery situation.

I'm becoming increasingly perplexed and often panicked about the entire situation of groceries. I'm an inherent list-maker and planner and want-to-know-about-things-in-advance-please&thankyou kind of person. The mere thought of not knowing exactly how and when I'm going to execute my elaborate grocery shopping plan is downright terrifying. Okay, I exaggerate. But, seriously, it is kinda bugging me.

G and I usually go to the grocery store on Wednesdays. It works out well for a lot of reasons. Wednesday is the day our local stores start their weekly sale and it's J's payday. One of the stores we frequent also has Wednesday-only specials so it works out well that we go then. G and I usually go eat lunch with J and then go shopping afterward. The big kids ride home from school with their aunt K, so we don't have to worry about getting back in time for pick up. This usually works fairly well. G and I can leisurely shop (cause there's no such thing as non-leisurely shopping with an almost 2 year old whose cart activities range from wanting to eat every snack-able thing I pick up, to buckling and unbuckling herself 500 times, to wanting to climb out, to bugging me to walk, to surreptitiously letting the milk drain drop by drop from her bottle as I'm checking and comparing labels on every blasted thing in the store) and then return home shortly after the bigs do.

Once summer vacations starts, however, my grocery shopping options are going to be limited to one of three things:

1. Continue my usual Wednesday afternoon shopping trips and take all 3 kids with me. SN: hahaha ahahahahaha hahahhahaha ha.

2. Go shopping on Wednesday evening once J comes home from work. This option includes eating out to ensure that we're not out too late, finding empty shelves at the store and missing out on the daily meat deals, dealing with 3 tired, cranky, hungry (because they won't eat fast food anymore--yay!) kids, and trying to keep H and G from falling asleep on the way home.

3. Going shopping alone on Saturday afternoon once J comes home from work. On paper, this seems like the best choice, but once you figure in the Saturday afternoon crowds and the mess the house will be in when I get home, it's not going to turn out so well.

So, I'm back to square one: I'm a rambling hot mess when it comes to blogging and ridiculously perplexed about the concept of simple grocery shopping. It would really help if I could remember how I wrangled this all out last year. Hopefully, I'll have it all somewhat figured out by Wednesday. Wish me luck?

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